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Virtual Reality Meetup

From standing behind the goal post of a World Cup soccer game to learning about the human cell by going inside of it, the applications of virtual reality are endless.

On Friday, February 22, 15 students at Eden Prairie High School attended the Virtual Reality Meetup to learn about the different ways virtual reality can be used in the real world and also experience virtual reality for themselves. The meetup could not be possible without the generosity of REM5 VR to educate students about what’s possible with VR and provide high-end VR technology for students to use and explore with during the meetup.

First, REM5 VR founders Amir Berenjian and Bijan Berenjian shared the evolution of VR, how VR works, and the use cases of VR in school and the workplace. Then, using the Oculus Quest, the latest, cable-free VR headset, students explored different VR games such as Job Simulator where students needed to follow directions and complete tasks, just as in the real world.

Overall, the VR event was a blast for students to experience VR and learn about how it's used in the real world. Now, interested students can explore how to make their own VR software using tools like Unity, creating the virtual world of tomorrow with applications of both fun and real world impact. Stay tuned for more 'emerging tech' meetups!

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