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My Journey as an 7th grader.

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Hi, My name is Harika Uppuluri.

My journey became fascinating when I started exploring the world of UX/UI. For those that are unfamiliar, UX/UI is User Interface User Design. It's a field of engineering around the design of user interfaces for machines and software.

It all started when my mom kept bothering me and asking ,"What I will become?". I didn't care at that time cause I was only 10.

As I entered middle school, I was pressured again that I should start activities. I thought, maybe I was incompetent, that was until the moment my brother opened me to learning code and designing websites and apps.

Soon after, my friends started doubting me and thinking I was weird. However, once I transferred to a new school, all the kids were supportive and nicer. They all valued each other's hobbies and careers which made me fell more confident in myself.

During the summer, I worked hard learning Python, a high-level code used for apps and websites. Taking notes about each section I read. Then I started learning Html which is used to code a website along with and CSS which provides styling code..

It was all coming together...

I started to develop apps and websites.

I started to use Codecademy, Glide, Khan Academy and that helped me to realize that this is what I can do at such an adolescent age.

I started learning with Mosh, taking Html, CSS, Python courses.

I started to asking my brother coding questions.

I started connecting with other people that know code.

It all started to come together in 7th grade with a vast time for me to grow. Since I don't have much homework. I can concentrate on enhancing code, designing, and ideas.

This is my beginning, Where does your beginning start?

Contact me:

Instagram: harika.uppuluri

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28 ene 2020

This is very cool!

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