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Couple Promise Rings vs engagement rings: what's the difference? and when should you give them away as gifts?

What are the differences between rings and an engagement ring? What are the ideal occasions to gift them to your loved one? Many people are asking this question and we shouldn't be surprised, since it is very easy to mix up the two things. Each ring has its own meaning and, more importantly an exact time at which it should be gifted. Let's determine which one.

Engagement rings They are suitable to be given as gifts and what meaning do they hold?

Contrary to the ring engagement rings are worn by both lovers. They are identical and inside them it is possible to put in the name of the person who is engaged and the date of the engagement. The engagement ring represents an agreement made by couples to each other. Exchangering rings signifies taking your union to a higher level, formalizing a relationship destined to become something more important. From the outside, these rings risk being deceiving, as they closely to wedding rings. Wedding rings can also be used to seal a bond and make a union official.

What is an engagement ring and when should you gift one?

Tradition requires that the ring for engagement be given by the man to his bride-to-be and it be placed on the woman's wrist only after she has accepted the marriage proposal. Due to the significance it has, it is a much more demanding gift than the common engagement ring. It's also a good idea from an economic perspective, when you consider the cost of a solitaire ring or a trio or a diamond. In the main, this ring must be considered in all aspects a "pledge of love" which is a promise the man makes to his love. It is the perfect conclusion of one of the most anticipated events in the lives of women across the world. It is impossible not to be touched by a diamond engagement ring and the oath that comes with it!

Are there other options available besides the traditional diamond engagement ring?

The engagement ring is more than a simple jewel. It is a promise, a symbol of the future marriage between two of them. Over the years, a myriad of designers have designed a variety of models. The common denominator is their quality. This is demonstrated through the imaginative designs and precious metals. What are the most affluent designs? The most popular is the solitaire, simple and yet lavish, the best expression of the light produced by precious stones. On a gold or platinum band, only one stone is applied, hence the name of the jewel. The trilogy is a jewel with a lot of symbolism. It is distinguished by three precious gemstones that bring to mind the Christian trinity. In addition, the veretta defined by a thin band which is covered with stones. Its strengths are elegance and formality. There are engagement rings made of diamonds, rubies and sapphires.


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