We live in a world where the current educational system cannot keep up with the rapid pace of technological growth.  We are here to address the gaps between the education curriculum and emerging technologies. We do that by creating a Connected Learning ecosystem that provides members with knowledge, tools, opportunities, connections, and resources to make an impact.

Futurist Academy, is a Place "Where the Leaders of Tomorrow are Born Today" - Como FA

Our Mission

Creating an ecosystem that will provide people with knowledge, tools, opportunities, connections, and resources to empower those that are looking to make an impact the world.


Our Values

  • We value integrity to honor commitments and to never compromise our ethics.

  • We value radical transparency as a defining principle that embodies honesty and open communication from valuable contributors regardless of title.

  • We value the inclusivity of differences in the exo-endo ecosystem ensuring a diverse workplace.

  • We value thoughtfulness to anticipate the interests, needs, and wishes of others before our own.

Be Part of Something Bigger

Futurist Academy

If you have any questions, would like additional information, or are from the media, please send an email to. 

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